Wild Running Turnips

Running is my obsession and here is how running fits into my life. In a world where most think I am nuts (ok, its not just the running that makes them think that!) and would rather be on the couch I am eager to connect with other runners for support through all the trials, injuries, races, wierd food preferences that make a runner a runner. Enjoy!

Monday, April 24, 2006

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For the first time in a couple weeks every mile I had planned to run was accomplished! After an easy 5 miler on Wedensday I rounded out the week by a 5 mile hill workout on Friday and a 14 mile TRAIL run on Sunday. I wanted to go on Saturday but between nasty thunderstorms that morning and an afternoon wedding I just couldn't fit it in, so Sunday it was.
A funny thing happened after my 14 miler though. With the exception of a mild cramp in my left hamstring, it felt great. I was able to pick up the pace a little too with out a problem (not too much though, don't worry!) at least on the flat stretches and down hill. However, shortly after I finished I felt TERRIBLE! I had to pull over on the way home to blow chunks (ew, gatorade puke!) and then I kept throwing up anything I got down until 10pm last night. I felt fine after that and fine today so I am not sure what happened. How can I feel great during the run and then so terrible afterwards?
Nonetheless I feel much better today and this is my last hard week of running before I begin the taper for the half on May 20th.

Off today
Tuesday - 4 mile easy
Wedensday - 6 mile TEMPO (with 1 mile warm up and cool down, 8 miles total)
Thursday - 5 mile easy
Friday - REST
Saturday - 5 mile hill workout
Sunday - 14 or 15 miles (shooting for 15, we will see how I feel this time)

After that it is lower mileage, maybe one more TEMPO only only mildly long runs (say 8 or 9 tops) until the half. I am excited!

No news about the car yet. The insurance thinks it may be fixable but is waiting to hear back from the mechanic who may tell them differently. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one. In the mean time, I got the rental for another week and can just play it by ear after that once we figure out what is going to happen. Either way, its just a hunk of metal to get me around, no big deal.
In the mean time I HAVE to get my garden back in order! I didn't think it would grow this fast but I have a lot of transplanting and moving around to do to make sure everything has plenty of room to grow healthy. I have never had this many seeds actually survive (though now that I said that I will probably go home and find them all dead) Off to the garden store after work!
In case you are interested, here is what I have...

Summer Squash (the yellow kind)
Mustard Greens
Bell Pepper
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Beans
Rosemary (although the dill and rosemary aren't doing so hot)
Hot peppers (not planted yet but coming soon!)

Friday, April 21, 2006

A Fabulous Running Week!

My running this week has been GREAT!
I am so happy. Although I am still suffering a little fatigue and lack of mojo as this week and next week I will be peaking in mileage (and thus sore and tired) but nonetheless, my running has not slacked.

Monday - 4 miles, felt tired and yucky (day after wrecked Jeep)
Tuesday - 6 mile TEMPO - held pace at 8:40 and felt strong! (8 miles total)
Wedensday - 5 mile recovery, nice and easy, a beautiful day!
Thursday - REST (and needed, my quads were screaming at me)
Today - 5 mile Hill workout - felt great!

All that is left is a big mamma jamma (for me anyway) 14 miler this weekend.
The only problem is that I have a wedding on Saturday afternoon and have to drive up to Norfolk on Sunday afternoon.
I am really hoping to squeeze it in tomorrow as it is easier to arrange my training schedule around that (rest on sunday, run on monday), but if we don't have time, I guess I could do it after Mass on Sunday before I drive up to Virginia (luckily the hubby will be driving and I can sleep!)
What also might throw a glitch in the mix is that there is a HUGE music festival here this weekend (wish i could go but have that wedding) which is going to make traffic a nightmare! It even messed up my run this morning as so many roads were blocked off with fencing and security, so getting out to the trails tomorrow may prove a little hairy...
Nonetheless, I am determined to fit it in one way or another. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

trails trails trails yay!

Not much to report. No word on my Jeep yet but I at least am fully recovered (emotionally) from the accident.
I did however find new trails near my house! Here in Columbia, SC they have the 3 Rivers Greenway which is a series of River Walks in various locations. They aren't quite done constructing all of them but I found one that has some actual TRAILS not pavement! It is tucked away in a small neighborhood, and probably only a couple of miles, but I still got to have fun on some dirty, rocky, root-filled (and possibly poison ivy!) trails which I much prefer to pavement. I will definitely be hitting up that location again.
I also got to bang out 8 miles yesterday. Did a six mile TEMPO (cancelled the seven, I wanted to go faster for six rather than slower) at 8:40/ mile pace (~10K race pace) with a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cooldown. I felt good and strong the whole way. Its also a good thing I did it yesterday as it was a perfectly reasonable 75 degrees as opposed to the 90 degree temps we have had lately (I don't care if you northerners complain - it gets old after awhile especially for runners!)
Anyway, so far my runs are going as scheduled and have no problems to report. Am planning another long run (14 miles) this weekend too (trails)!
I also want to say a big CONGRATS too all fellow bloggers who ran Boston this weekend! Yay!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Life, not running...

First off, I want to wish everybody a joyous and happy Easter! I was confirmed in the Catholic Church this Easter and it was a beautiful and amazing experience for me, and I look foward to continuing in this faith. However, it did mean I was at church for 4 out of 5 nights this week so a whole lot of running did not get done. Nonetheless I look forward to banging out an easy 4 miler tomorow and then (gulp) 7 mile TEMPO run (9 miles total) on tuesday.
However, this post is more about life and life litterally, slammed me in the face today -- in the form of my driver side airbag. I am OK and no injuries at all (so no worries, the Turnip is intact without a scratch!) but it was my first accident and very scary. No other cars involved, I just mis-judged a turn and ran my beloved Jeep Cherokee into in embankment.
So after the initial shock, some tears, and my in-laws and husband running like heck to my side to console me, I calmed down and thanked God that I wasn't hurt and I didn't hurt anybody else.
Nonetheless, my poor Jeep might be totalled. The front wheel really took a hit on that embankment and mashed into the wheel well and suspension which in turn whacked the transfer case and brake lines. We have full insurance of course but it is still going to take awhile to fix unless our insurance decides to total it (sniff sniff, I LOVE my old Jeep) Either way, the important thing is I am OK, it happened down the street from my in-laws who were totally there for me and took care of me and are going to help out with the car situation as the hubby is going on a month(s) long deployment next week!
Lesson learned - if you and your family are OK, everything else will take care of itself , including the scheuled long run that DIDN't happen this weekend. I will be going out for my 4 miler tomorrow though...and it will be great too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

anti-histamines SUCK!!!!

Due to allergies and a mild skin condition I am temporarily on anti-histamines. THEY SUCK. They make me so tired. I have not been able to get up early to run in a week, luckily daylight is long enough now that I can go in the afternoon but I actually enjoyed being up early! The anti-histamines are helping the allergies and what-not but I am not sure what's worse - itching and sneezing all the time or being sleepy all the time?
I had a 6mile TEMPO scheduled this morning but I couldn't get up again. It will have to wait until this afternoon which throws a kink in my other plans for the day. Nonetheless, I am determined to run. AND talk to the doctor about putting me on something else perhaps?
In other news - Whitie Ford (my less than bright kitty) got into such a mess the other night that I had to take pictures...as soon as I find my computer cord to the camera I will upload them so you can see for yourselves!

Monday, April 10, 2006

14 miles - yay!
After a week of taking good care of myself with rest, diet and not too much beer :) I was able to complete my 14 miler at Harbison State Forest successfully! (and I must say that I am addicted to trail running now!)
It was a beautiful morning, 55 degrees with bright sunshine - just perfect! I felt great after the first 10 miles and then some soreness started setting in. The last two miles I could really tell this is the farthest my legs have taken me but I was able to finish strong and felt good.
I must say however I was VERY sore last night, especially in the knees but a little ice and Advil helped me feel just fine today.
All in all, I am constantly pushing my limits and am always thrilled when I accomplish something I never have before! I hope that as I push my limits further I can continue increasing my distance and eventually hit the marathon distance (and possibly a 50 miler sometime in the future?) I am realizing though how much more I have to take care of myself though! I have always eaten healthy but I am now paying much closer attention to what I put into my body and making sure I get plenty of rest. (Yay for an all natural fods diet!)
This week is going to be BUSY. It is Holy Week (the week before Easter) and I am being confirmed into full communion with the Catholic Church! It has been a long process with a lot of spiritual growth and I can't believe it is finally drawing (at least this chapter anyway) to a close. (Although being catholic is a lifelong conversion process) Nonetheless I have busy doings at the church Thursday through Sunday (basically all day Saturday!) and in addition, the hubby is coming down from Norfolk for a long weekend and to support me in my spiritual endeavors. Suffice to say that a long run will probably NOT happen this weekend, but I plan to do all other runs as scheduled:

4 miles easy tonight
6 mile TEMPO (w/ 1 mile warm up and cool down = 8 miles total)
5 miles easy
5 mile Hill workout.
????miles we will just have to see what we have time for.

Anyways, hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and Happy Running!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ahhh...back to normal

Things seem to finally be back to normal. It has been a pretty quiet week at work as we all recover and regroup from the conference, wrap up some papers, and try to re-direct our efforts in response to what we learned in Atlanta. Nonetheless, I am back on schedule with both work and running which makes me feel a LOT better.

So far this week:
4 miles easy on Monday
5 mile TEMPO at 8:45/mile pace with 1 mile warm up and cool down (7 miles total!)
5 miles easy Yesterday

Today is a REST day, followed by 5 miles with hills on Friday and the big whopping 14 miler (my first) on Saturday. Unfortunately it looks like T-storms on Saturday so we will have to keep an eye out for weather and re-schedule as necessary.
In other exciting news - one of my college friends had her baby! She gave birth to a healthy baby girl at about 6 lbs. I really don't feel old enough to have a friend of the same age with a new baby! It feels pretty crazy being old enough to be a parent!
Hope all is well with everyone else, Happy Running!